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Skin Cancer Removal Near Beaufort, SC

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Understanding Skin Cancer Removal

Patients who have skin cancer can undergo skin cancer removal surgery. Most treatments to remove cancerous lesions can be conducted under local or general anesthesia. At Pinnacle Dermatology, we specialize in effective skin cancer removal methods that ensure patient comfort, safety, and care.

Skin cancer removal requires delicate and sensitive procedures that remove small cancerous lesions with excision, while larger lesions may require reconstruction surgery. We will go over your specific needs in detail and create a surgical plan for your unique case.

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Skin Cancer Removal Procedures

Skin cancer patients can expect a surgical plan to remove their skin cancer based on the location, size, and type of tumor. Most treatments to remove cancerous lesions can be conducted under local or general anesthesia.

The skin cancer is removed with a long, thin surgical tool with a small, sharp hoop or scoop on the end for scraping. An electric current is then applied to the area through a needle-like electrode designed to kill remaining cancer cells and reduce bleeding.

The skin cancer growth is removed with surgical excision by cutting or shaving it off the skin with a scalpel. Local anesthesia is used to numb the affected area. Depending on the type of tumor, our doctors may remove a certain amount of surrounding tissue.

The surgeon removes the visible skin cancer and some surrounding tissue via an incision. The removed tissue is frozen, dyed, and evaluated under a microscope by a pathologist to see if the cancer has been removed entirely. If cancerous cells are still present, the process of excision and evaluation is repeated until cancer is no longer detected. The diagnosis of the removed tissue is made in real-time, so the patient can be confirmed cancer-free the same day.

Sometimes, skin cancer removal causes scarring or disfigurement. In that case, the skilled plastic surgeons at Pinnacle can create a plan for reconstructive surgery to restore the affected area to a certain extent. Reconstructive surgery patients must have realistic expectations, but we will work hard to create a surgical plan that will suit your needs.

Typically used to treat minor skin cancers and pre-cancerous lesions, cryosurgery involves the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy cancer cells. The procedure, also known as cryotherapy, is repeated until the affected area no longer shows signs of skin cancer.

Side Effects of Skin Cancer Removal

With any kind of skin cancer removal, scarring is likely to occur. Incision sites may be sore, red, or drain small amounts of fluid. Healing will continue for weeks and even months after your surgery, and incision lines will fade and continue to improve. Sun exposure on wounds and scar lines can result in irregular pigmentation or cause the sight to become red, raised, or dark, so patients should follow post-op preventative instructions carefully.

Skin Cancer Removal

Skin Cancer Removal FAQs

As with any type of surgery, the healing time for skin cancer removal depends on the type of removal procedure and how large the treatment area was. Typically, wounds take a few weeks to heal. However, if treatment involved reconstructive surgery or skin grafting, it will take a much longer time to heal. We can go over your specific case during the consultation.

Any type of skin cancer, even benign precancerous lesions, should be removed. This removal prevents cancer from spreading or metastasizing.

Patients may experience some discomfort. Skin cancer removal is performed under local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain.

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Learn more about skin cancer removal at Pinnacle Dermatology in Beaufort, SC

Dr. Klenke and her team take pride in providing safe, comfortable, and effective skin cancer removal. At Pinnacle, we provide detailed consultations allowing us to understand each patient’s motivation and desired outcomes. Our goal is to customize a treatment specifically for each individual. Our team will evaluate your health in your initial consultation and define which surgical procedures are most suitable, and we will create a personalized surgical plan.

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