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Reduce The Appearance of Scars
With Scar Revision

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Understanding Scar Revision Surgery

The human body possesses the remarkable ability to heal itself. But despite our body’s best efforts, scars remain a fact of life. Old injury, incision, or burn marks can follow us for the rest of our days, reducing our confidence and mobility and sometimes serving as painful reminders. For those of us with unsightly or inconvenient scars, scar revision offers a promising way forward.

Scars cannot be completely erased, but scar revision can lessen their impacts to improve appearance, function, and comfort. Designed to minimize just about any kind of scar on any part of the body, scar revision picks up the healing effort where the human body left off.

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What are scars?

Our bodies are excellent healers, but some wounds are too deep or damaging to erase completely. When our skin is damaged, our bodies form new collagen fibers to repair the wound. These collagen fibers pile up at the wound site, resulting in skin of a different texture and appearance.

Not all scars are the same, however. In fact, there are several broad categories of scarring.

  • Discoloration/Surface Irregularities – Caused by minor injuries or even acne, these scars are subtle in appearance and don’t typically cause discomfort or impair movement.
  • Hypertrophic – Thicker than surface irregularities, these scars result from an abundance of raised and discolored scar tissue at the wound site.
  • Keloids – Common on the face, neck, ears, or chest, these scars can grow to exceed the area of the original wound and can often itch or cause chronic discomfort.
  • Contractures – Caused predominantly by burns, these scars form when tissues pull together to heal a wound, resulting in tight, restricted, or glassy skin.

The scar revision process can be tailored to improve scarring of nearly all types–from minor discolorations to large burn wounds. Candidates for scar revision include those seeking cosmetic improvements or restored functionality at or near the scarring sites.

Scar Revision Options

Scar revision techniques vary depending on size, severity, and location. For every kind of scar, there’s a revision process to match. Scar revision treatments include:

  • Simple, topical treatments
  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Surgical revision with advanced techniques in wound closure

Topical treatments, such as gels, tapes, or external compression, can help with wound closure and reduce the skin’s production of irregular pigments during the healing process. Topical treatments can be used to treat existing surface scars and discoloration.

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Meanwhile, minimally invasive injectable treatments can fill depressed or concave scars with results persisting up to several years. Injection therapy uses steroidal-based compounds to reduce collagen formation and alter the appearance, size, and texture of raised scar tissue.

For more severe scarring, incisions are made to surgically remove the old scar. Some scars require layered closure–a process where scar excision extends to tissue below the skin surface. Pharmaceutical tissue substitutes may also be used if ample, healthy tissue is not present for the closure of a scar excision. This is more likely with the revision of severe burn scars.

Topical treatments, minimally invasive procedures, and surgical options exist for every scar revision candidate. Each option is purposefully designed to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

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Pinnacle Dermatology picks up where your natural healing ability left off. Our highly-qualified providers offer individualized treatment options to minimize scarring of all types and in all places. To help your healing process along and improve your confidence and mobility, schedule a consultation at Pinnacle Dermatology online or via telephone today!

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