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Non-Invasive Body Sculpting in Beaufort

Doctor checking patients abdomen for body sculpting treatment

What is Body Sculpting?

Stubborn fatty deposits can follow us around no matter how hard we exercise or how closely we watch our diets. In the past, we’ve relied on time-tested, but invasive, surgeries to reliably remove fatty deposits. Now, with modern technology and modern understanding, a non-invasive procedure exists to help you achieve the sculpted profile of your dreams!

Body sculpting (or body contouring) at Pinnacle Dermatology uses laser energy to destroy stubborn fat without using surgically invasive methods or otherwise damaging the skin. If you’re ready to live without excess fat along your belly, thighs, chin, or just about anywhere else, consider body sculpting today!

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How does Body Sculpting Work?

Laser fat reduction uses targeted wavelengths of light to break down fatty cells beneath the skin. Your body naturally discards these fat cells, resulting in a remarkable transformation.

Each treatment session takes about 25 minutes: 4 minutes to build up the temperature of the targeted fat tissue and 21 minutes of sustained temperature to destroy the fat cells.

Our body sculpting procedure is comfortable, virtually painless, and can reduce fat in the target area by up to 25%.

Benefits of Body Sculpting at Pinnacle Dermatology

  • Slimmer Profile
  • Thinner Waistline
  • Toned Appearance
  • Boosted Confidence

Body Sculpting Candidates

Anyone in good health and wants to get rid of an inch or two of unwanted soft fat can avoid more invasive liposuction procedures with our laser body sculpting procedure. If diet and exercise have failed to eliminate stubborn fat on your stomach, thighs, arms, or buttocks, then body sculpting may be for you!

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Doctor conducting body sculpting on patient
Body Sculpting


Some of the targeted fat will be permanently destroyed by all forms of body sculpting. This does not mean, however, that all or even most of the fat will stay gone forever. It will still be possible to add fat back onto the targeted areas of the body after the procedure.

Most patients would describe body sculpting as comfortable.

Most patients notice an improvement in as little as three weeks. Some people require multiple appointments to see the best results. Typically, full results are visible within three months following the final treatment.

Pinnacle Dermatology Offices

Bluffton Location.                                                      a woman smiling for the camera

7 Mallett Way, Bluffton, SC 29910

(843) 815-6699

Beaufort Location

1096 Ribaut Rd, Beaufort, SC 29902

(843) 524-5550

Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Contact Pinnacle Dermatology for Body Sculpting

Diet and exercise may not fit easily into your lifestyle or ultimately result in the trim figure and shapely profile you desire for certain parts of your body. When fatty deposits outlive their welcome, body sculpting can provide a non-invasive way to finally slim down! To learn more about body sculpting, consultations, and results, call or schedule a consultation at Pinnacle Dermatology online or via telephone today!

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