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How Laser Hair Removal Can Prevent Ingrown Hairs

If you’ve ever had ingrown hairs, you know how painful and pesky they can be. Ingrown hairs can cause itchiness, uncomfortable bumps, and even burning sensations in the affected area. Many ingrown hairs can be hard to treat and keep coming back, no matter how much we try to keep them at bay.

Laser hair removal is a well-known remedy for constant and expensive shaving, waxing, and threading. Not only can you reclaim hours of your week and year with laser hair removal, but you can also prevent ingrown hairs. At Pinnacle Dermatology, we’re here to help you avoid ingrown hairs and keep silky smooth skin for years to come with laser hair removal.

What Are Ingrown Hairs?

An ingrown hair is a hair follicle that is unable to grow through the skin, becoming trapped under dirt, oil, or dead skin. The trapped follicle produces an itchy, inflamed, and painful bump. Under the skin, ingrown hairs continue to grow, causing a variety of problems like bacterial infections, scarring, and increased pain if not treated.

Often, ingrown hairs are caused by shaving or waxing. When you shave, the razor can cut the hair at an improper point, usually too far below the skin. Whether you applied too much pressure, your razor blade isn’t sharp enough, or there’s a tug at the skin while shaving, the hair can grow back incorrectly.

Some other causes of ingrown hairs include clogged hair follicles or excess pressure. Dirt, oil, and other materials can accumulate on the skin, blocking the hair follicle from growing correctly. Likewise, wearing tight clothes can cause friction on the skin and irritate the hair follicle, but this cause is more likely for those with sensitive skin.

How Can Laser Hair Removal Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

Laser hair removal addresses the root of the problem–literally! Laser hair removal uses light converted to heat to destroy or damage the hair follicle and hair bulb. Laser hair removal doesn’t just decrease the probability of ingrown hairs, it removes the source of the irritation entirely.

In just one treatment, 80-90% of hair follicles are destroyed for smoother, softer skin. Laser hair removal is safe, effective, and comfortable, making it a no-brainer for those who suffer from ingrown hairs. Multiple treatments may be needed depending on the treatment area, but with just one session of laser hair removal, you can eliminate pain, infection, and irritation from ingrown hairs.

Does Laser Hair Removal Still Work if I Have Ingrown Hairs?

Yes! Laser hair removal still works if you currently have ingrown hairs. The laser technology works by discerning the dark pigment in the skin, called melanin, and delivers heat to destroy the darker area–the hair follicle. The presence of ingrown hairs doesn’t affect this process, and you will still see outstanding results.

Where Can I Get Laser Hair Removal?

You can get laser hair removal anywhere your hair grows. For women, popular treatment areas include legs, underarms, and bikini area. For men, many choose to permanently remove the hair from their chests, backs, or faces. At Pinnacle Dermatology, laser hair removal is safe for all skin types, and is perfect for anyone dealing with unwanted hair, ingrown hairs, or time-consuming hair removal methods.

Interested in Scheduling Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and time-consuming hair removal methods and hello to silky, smooth skin with laser hair removal. In just a few appointments, this treatment visibly reduces hair growth and thickness in the treated area. Find a permanent solution for uncomfortable, unsightly, and unpleasant ingrown hairs with laser hair removal.

With years of experience, our team at Pinnacle Dermatology is made of experts in laser hair removal and more. If you’re suffering from painful, ingrown hairs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Pinnacle Dermatology to find the relief you deserve.

Laser Hair Removal in Beaufort, SC

Proudly serving the Beaufort and Bluffton area, our team can expertly remove unwanted hair and eliminate ingrown hairs. Achieve silky, smooth, and radiant skin with Pinnacle Dermatology. Call us at (843) 507-5001 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

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